Acer Predator Helios 300

It’s running a 6 core CPU gtx 660ti or r-tx 28 e 16 gigs of dual-channel memory a 256 gig SSD and a fast 144 hertz screen gaming on this thing is awesome partly because it’s running powerful hardware but also because of the excellent thermals it’s also able to run virtual reality games very well with 2 x anti-aliasing. Wi-Fi card is the last generation killer 1550 ISO no Wi-Fi 6 here. Still, it is replaceable, and the SSD is fast 3400 Reed and 2500 right. Then the thermals this thing can maintain full turbo clocks four gigahertz on all cores with turbo mode enabled which maxes out the fans granted with turbo mode enabled the fans are ridiculously loud. Still, you do have that option here surface temps are also very cold with the heat being moved away from the WASD Keys which is a nice touch for gaming the one thing I don’t like is that the minimum fan speed is still fairly audible. Still, otherwise, they did a really good job here getting to the other parts of this laptop which you can find affordable using Flipkart Coupons.

Screen Panel

it’s gotten reasonable flex on the screen assembly, and minimal flex on the keyboard deck the screen and the keyboard deck are both made from aluminium, and the bottom panel is made from plastic they also did a good job with the hinge tension I can open it with one hand but there’s a very minimal screen wobble in fact I typed this entire script on my lap the one thing I don’t like is the sharp corners on the front like these are actually sharp, but overall it’s built quite well and not over-the-top with the aggressive gamer design it’s running a 1080p 144 Hertz panel

These panels as being great for gaming they’re bright enough for indoors but not for particularly bright areas with fairly low contrast and acceptable colour accuracy they’re usable for content creation. Still, there are better displays out there for that this one, in particular, is dim more so than another one for different panels but that’s my only complaint with a lot of gaming laptops. I find that there’s usually some little quirk or detail about the keyboard that throws me off, but this one was really easy to get used to it’s got good essential travel reasonable actuation force. I’m not a fan of the volume, and brightness controls on the arrow keys can activate all of them without holding down the function key you do get used to it after a while and I didn’t really experience anything strange while gaming or typing so I would say they did an excellent job here I’m not sure if the trackpad is glass or plastic, but I do feel a fair amount of friction especially with drag-and-drop and despite

the windows precision drivers the tracking isn’t very accurate it skips around occasionally, and the acceleration is peculiar I often go past where I want to move my cursor to so it’s just difficult to control my cursor accurately the speakers are in the usual downward-firing position near the front as with the vast majority of gaming laptops they’re loud not very detailed trouble is tinny it’s a bit

lacking in bass response, they’re fine if you want to watch a youtube video but nothing more than that you’ve also got a good selection of ports on this thing. Get updates about Freejobalert by subscribing free of cost.


There’s power in ethernet 2 USB 3 s a headphone jack on the right is the HDMI 2.0 port mini DisplayPort 1/3 USB 3 and a USB C port no thermo three on this one upgradeability is also really good to get inside isn’t too tricky it uses standard Phillips screws with a couple of clips holding it in place. Still, you get access to your two RAM slots, MDOT 2 slots, two and a half-inch drive slot with an included bracket and SATA connector as well as your killer 1550 Wi-Fi card. There’s a 58 watt-hour battery that pulls around 4 hours of battery life I found that weird that they listed their battery capacity in milliamp-hours laptops generally less battery capacity in watt-hours it also uses a relatively compact 180-watt charger ending in a barrel plug the thermals and the upgradeability it is a good gaming laptop overall. Still, those two things, in particular, are what makes this better than other laptops in this price range.

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