Perks Of Being A High Performing Graduate In South Australia

There are many benefits of living, studying and working in South Australia. It has no doubt many benefits. If we talk about studying in South Australia specifically then it should be considered that it is no doubt one of the few places on this planet that provides quality education and a splendid environment together. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of achieving higher education in South Australia.

Adelaide as an expected educational hub

The city of Adelaide is the capital state of South Australia. Around 77 percent of South Australia’s total pollution lives in this city which makes its population around 1.5 million. This city is famous for many things like open green areas, small distances, beautiful coastal line, relaxing environment, etc. all these things are not usually present in a typical big city. With all these things Adelaide also provides its residents with modern lifestyle, good medical and health care facilities, recreational activities, up to date housing and transport facilities, etc. these modern-day amenities makes Adelaide no less than any other modern city of Australia yet it also has a relaxing feel too it.

Beside all these things Adelaide is also famous for its world-class education. In recent times Adelaide is being promoted as the educational hub of the country and there is a lot of truth in this fact. Adelaide is home to three public universities. These universities have campuses all over the state. Adelaide is also popular for being a hometown to three Nobel Prize winners. It is also an affordable place to live as a living cost here is quite low in comparison to other big cities. Also, the distances are quite short that saves a lot of energy, money and time.

One can enjoy beautiful beaches, calming environment and quality education at the same time in this city.

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Benefits of studying in South Australia

Following are some of the benefits of studying in South Australia

  • One can score extra points in skill select while applying for subclass 190 and 489. 5 points are rewarded if you are high performing graduate in South Australia for visa subclass 190 and 10 extra points for subclass 489.
  • If you are an international student with good performance then you can get access to more occupations other than the regular occupation when applying for state sponsorship. Access to more occupations means access to more opportunities.
  • There are some conditions about work experience that can be waived off if you performed well as a student in South Australia.
  • With all the above-mentioned benefits, another very important benefit is low living costs. The living expenses are quite less in South Australia compared to the rest of the country. One can enjoy similar facilities but at an affordable cost.

Who counts as a high-performance international graduate?

To be eligible to attain the above-mentioned benefits one must satisfy the following conditions.

  • Should be currently living in South Australia
  • Must be a recent graduate from any of South Australia’s public university
  • Should have completed any of the following degrees in South Australian public university
  • A Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 6 and above
  • Honors degree after completing a bachelor’s degree
  • Masters by research or masters by course work with GPA 6 at minimum
  • Or a Ph.D. degree

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