Start Your Freelancing Business With MilesWeb

Are you the one, who looks for something new, and likes to create amazing content?

Are you looking for a side hustle in your life?

Then, freelancing is a good option for you.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is a contract based job. Where instead of being recruited in an organization and working only for them is not compulsory. Instead, a person uses his skills and experience and work for multiple clients simultaneously. That means, in freelancing you can work on different assignments or tasks as per your abilities to deliver the required work.

Also, in freelancing it is not mandatory that you have to work only in a specific field. If you are a coder and also a good photographer then you can work on both the projects. Create sites and also do photoshoots. Time and work management is in your hands.

It allows a work-from-home situation, but cannot guarantee it. As it depends on your profession.

Do you know, who can work online too in freelancing?

There are many jobs that want you to work on the internet and earn.

With freelancing, one gets a chance to pursue his/her hobby and also take it online.

Watch this video to know how to do so –

So, to do anything on the internet under your name you need to have a website. Or, if you just want to share your thoughts, ideas then instead of having a business website you can create a blog.

To start a business or blog, you will first need a domain name and then a web hosting.

A place to get domain and web hosting – MilesWeb

Domain name –

Domain is a name of your brand, that makes you recognized on the internet. People can find your brand through internet only. It is a name of your online business, an online identity.

Register the domain before actually getting start. Make sure to choose the domain extension that is suitable for the blog or website. You can choose the extension as per your country like for the UK it is, for the USA it is .us, etc. This helps in boosting your local market.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service that takes your website on the internet to make it visible globally. Only designing and developing a website is not the end. To make that website or blog available on the ‘world wide web’ you need to buy hosting. In web hosting service, your website gets stored (hosted) on a server, where it gets hosting services that enable to stay it alive on the internet.

For online freelancing, having a blog proves to be an impactful option. It increases the trust and rapport among your audience. Having an online profile ensures that you are a professional worker.

You can also create a blog to display your work of photography, sketching, etc so that people can reach you easily.

If you are just a beginner, then you can consider the unlimited web hosting, Tyro plan from MilesWeb which cost’s the only Rs.60/month.

In case you want to have a bulky website then Swift and Turbo plans are appropriate for you.

Note : MilesWeb offers free domain with both these plans.

Apart from these, windows shared hosting is also a great choice for freelancing business.

MilesWeb Hosting features –

All hosting plans from MilesWeb offer the best of industry features and they are :

1) Free SSL certificate =

SSL certificate indicates that your website is free of any type of virus or malware. It helps to build trust between the site and visitors. Also, search engines consider SSL certificate as one of the website ranking factors in search results.

2) Pure SSD storage =

The website’s performance plays a vital role in keeping the audience engage with the site. Thus, MilesWeb offers pure SSD storage space that accelerates your site by 200% making is speedy.

3) 1- click installer =

Any website/blog can need various applications at any point in time. So, instead of getting stuck, you can just install over 400 applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc using the 1-click installer.  The Softaculous installer enables you to do so in just clicks.

4) Latest PHP and MySQL =

Every site needs the latest software, and that’s why MilesWeb offers the latest PHP and MySQL with all their web hosting plans. Even if you have purchased a service and a new release comes, then it gets updated on your account automatically.

5) Website builder =

Are you worried about spending a high amount on the development of a site?

Then, here’s good news for you. The website builder tool enables you to create own website without any coding knowledge. Using site-builder,  just select theme and put your content and yes, your site gets created. It is that easy!

6) Datacenter Choice =

Near datacenter location avoids the distortions caused in the delayed performance of the website. Thus, MilesWeb provides you global data center locations to choose nearer one.

You can select a data center location during the sign-up process.

Aren’t these features helpful?


With all the web hosting providers available, I personally suggest MilesWeb as the better option. they have a solution to every hosting problem and needs. Also, their technical support team works 24/7 for you. You get 99.95% uptime to enhance your freelancing business.

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